Why Juice

Juices – the Ultimate multi-vitamin/mineral & anti-oxidant supplement, in a glass!

Juicing is a fantastic way to give your body loads of high quality nutrients – vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes & photo-nutrients. This leads to greater health, vitality, energy, as well as better mental clarity & clearer skin.

If you juice regularly you will massively increase the amount of fruits & vegetables that you consume daily. Whenever you make a fresh juice, you will be using far more fruits & vegetables than you would do, if you were just eating them, because all of the fibre is removed & therefore you need to use more for quantity – would you normally eat 1/2 kg of carrots in one go? Well you may well do, if you are making a fresh carrot juice.

Is fibre bad for you then?

No, not at all. Fibre is great & a really important part of your diet. It is really helpful to have it in your meals, as it helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced. And if you want a nutritional drink with fibre in it, then the thing to have is a smoothie or a raw soup & the best way of making them is in a Vitamix 

Using a Juicer for the Ultimate Health Detox – a Juice Fast

Juice fasting is perhaps the safest & most efficient way of detoxing your body, for a revitalized, rebalanced & re-energized you. Not to mention that Juice Fasting is great for weight loss too! Doing a one or two day juice fast detox on your own, can be a fantastic way to nourish yourself. To do a fast for longer than this, you should really have supervision of some kind, to be safe & to support you getting the most out of the process. The best way to do a longer (3+ days) juice fast, is to do it at a health detox retreat, where they have a lot of experience & can support you in having a safe, deep & profound detox experience.

(See Resources & Links for information about some of the best Detox Retreats in the UK & Europe)