Which Juicer is Best for You?

Are you unsure which juicer to buy? On this page we give you information about the different types of juicer, so that you can make a better choice, as to which juicer to buy.

There are 4 main types of juicer to buy:

The Centrifugal Juicer - the basic juicer

These are the basic juicers that basically have a fast spinning mesh dish, which juices the fruits & vegetables.

Pros: these juicers tend to be cheaper; preparation can be fast as many can juice large pieces of fruits & vegetables; they also juice fast.

Cons: you get less juice out of the fruit & vegetables; they can be a bit fiddly to clean; there are less nutrients in the juices that they make because of the high speed (& therefore heat) at which the juicing occurs which reduces the amount of enzymes & vitamins; not very good for juicing green leafy vegetables, sprouts or wheatgrass; noisy; tendency to create separation in the juices.

The Champion Juicer - long lasting and reliable

This is a masticating juicer which means that it has tiny teeth that rotate & shred the fruits & vegetables, to create the juice. There is only one true masticating juicer & that is the Champion Juicer.

Pros: still quite fast (time wise) but juices at a slower temperature & therefore makes better quality juices than the centrifugal juicers; really sturdy & reliable (they have a 10 year guarantee & are likely to last much longer); easy & quick to clean; you can also make frozen fruit ice cream & nut butters in them.

Cons: they are quite heavy; juicing is still faster than the cold press juicers & therefore not quite as good quality; cannot juice wheatgrass.

Cold Press Juicers (Central or Twin Auger Juicers) - for high nutrient quality juices

These juicers operate at a much slower speed & squeeze the juice out of the fruit, creating a high quality juice. They create about 35% more juice than the centrifugal juicers. They also produce juices with up to 42% more vitamin C & up to 60% more vitamin A than centrifugal juicers! The Hurom juicers which are vertical, cold press juicers are the latest rage in the juicer world, as they are small, compact & to some degree, self-clean themselves during the juicing process.

Pros: best quality juices with high nutrient content; Hurom juicers are pretty small & compact; they extract more juice & therefore create a greater volume of juice; quieter; higher juice yield; juices last longer (due to higher enzyme count); great with green leafy vegetables, sprouts, wheatgrass; little juice separation or foaming; some of them are able to do some food processing & make frozen fruit ice creams, nut milks & nut butters, etc.

Cons: slow; they can be fiddly to clean; some of them (Matstones & Samsons) are not so good with really watery fruit like melons; Green Star & Green Power are very large & bulky; higher initial cost; they can leave slightly more pulp in the juice; juicing preparation can take longer, as the fruits & vegetables need to be cut into smaller pieces.

 Citrus Juice Presses

These are the simple juices that are used for juicing different citrus fruits (& they can also be used to juice pomegranates). These are either manual or electric.