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Personal Smoothie Blenders

Personal Blenders

Personal Blenders are the get up & go answer to being able to make quick smoothies that you can take away with you.

These blenders are generally small & practical with detachable bottles that can be used to carry your health drink with you. - A brilliant solution to the challenge of trying to be healthy in a busy world.

The original & best personal blender is definitely the Nutribullet but because it is so much better than the other personal blenders that are available we have created a seperate category page for it + a Nutribullet reviews page to help you choose one if you are keen to do so.

If you are looking for a more versatile top of the range smoothie blender raw soup maker & food processor, then actually the best option would be to go for the Vitamix, which you can find out about on our Vitamix page (actually there are a couple of the Vitamix personal blenders on this page that may be of interest to you too).