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Juicing FAQs

Common Questions & Answers About Juicing & Juicers

Q  Do I need to buy a really expensive juicer to start with?
A  You might find it easier to get a cheap, simple centrifugal juicer when you first start, just to get into the habit, if you are not sure how committed to the juice life you are. The quality of juice is not as great but, it will allow you to get into regular juicing.
However, if you are excited, enthusiastic & committed to having lots of high quality juices regularly in your life, then I would seriously recommend that you get a cold press juicer or a masticator (the Champion).

Q  What is your number 1 tip for getting into a juicing habit?
A  Rinse & wash your juicer straight away, as soon as you have made your juice. At this point it is an easy job. If you let it dry out at all, it can be much more difficult to clean & can put you off of juicing.
Number 2 tip, is to keep it on your kitchen counter where you can see it & be regularly inspired to use it.

For lots of really helpful tips that will make juicing much easier, it is well worth getting "The Juice Habit Made Easy - with tips, tricks & healthy fruit & vegetable recipes" which is an excellent & very helpful book.

Q  If I want to make wheat grass & green leafy vegetable juices, what would you recommend?
A  Definitely, any of the cold press juicers.

Q  How long is a freshly made juice good for?
A  It is best to drink it straight away, but it should be good for 24 hours if kept in a fridge.