Best Blender for Smoothies

Smoothie Makers, Personal Blenders, the Nutribullet & the Vitamix

Smoothies are made in blender. A smoothie is a drink made with freshly blended fruit &/or vegetables & then often has the addition of various milks, nuts, seeds, superfood powders, etc. These provide you with lots of nutrients, fibre & the specific benefits of any superfoods that you might have added.

There are several types of blenders available including personal blenders, normal (jug) blenders & the high end Vitamix blender. We have focussed on providing a selection of personal blenders, the Nutribullet (the top of the personal blenders range)as well as the Vitamix.

Personal blenders are small & create smoothies in a bottle that can be easily transported & consumed on the go.

We have not suggested any normal blenders which can be found in any kitchen shops, but rather we have just listed various models of the Vitamix which is a far superior, more versatile & longer lasting blender (it has a 7 year warranty). For raw foodists it is definitely the juicer of choice because apart from making smoothies & chopping/grinding food, it is also able to make raw soups, which are heated purely by the speed of the spinning blades. Although the Vitamix tends to be more expensive than many other blenders it is really worth it & is a great investment.

Smoothies vs Juices

What is the difference & is one better?? Although some manufacturers say that their blenders can make juices, this is in fact misleading because by definition a juice has had all of the fibre removed (all of the fibre is still in the final drink (it has just been cut up into incredibly small pieces). This type of 'juice' could perhaps be termed a pseudo juice. 

Juices & smoothies are not better or worse than each other, they are just different.

A juice will provide lots more nutrients than a smoothie because more fruits & vegetables are required to make the same amount of liquid. However, it will not be a source of fiber. A juice is very quick & easy for your body to digest.

A smoothie will provide less fruit & vegetable nutrients (compared to a juice) but it will provide fibre & the nutritional value of any nuts, seeds, milks & superfoods that have been added. It will require more energy for digestion by your body.

Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are fairly new to the world of smoothie makers & healthy kitchen appliances but they have had an incredible impact & become very popular due to their ease of use. Many people have found them to be a very useful & easy way to increase their daily fruit & vegetable intake by drinking healthy smoothies.

The personal blenders themselves are generally relatively small & light. As such, they do not take up much kitchen space & are also fairly portable, meaning that they could easily be taken to work or on trips & holidays to maintain the healthy drinks habit. They are also generally designed to include a portable bottle (often the container in which they are blended) which can easily be taken away - making them very portable as well as reducing washing up!

The first blenders were the famous Nutribullet which has a powerful mini motor (600 watt or 900 watt) & include lots of fancy & useful extra containers.

More recently other companies such as Breville or Morphy Richards have also brought out some great beginner level, budget personal blenders that are more basic with lower powered motors (250-300 watt) but totally adequate for daily use (although the smoothies that they make are generally less smooth).

The Nutribullet

The Nutribullets are definitely the best mid range personal blenders. Which is why we have a page designated just to them as well as written a review of the different Nutribullet models.

The Vitamix

Essentially, a Vitamix is an incredibly powerful blender! It can do anything a normal blender can do, but way more efficiently & much, much faster. In fact, it can blend things so fast, that if you leave it on for a few minutes, it will actually heat them up & cook them! Hence, it is possible to make ‘raw soups’!

The Vitamix is actually a food processor & can be used for chopping vegetables, grinding nuts & seeds, making nut milks, etc. To make a pseudo juice in a Vitamix you will need to add whole fruits or vegetables in your Vitamix with water & ice (to keep it at a cool temperature).

Vitamix actually do make a personal blender version too although it normally costs around £395, so it is definitely at the top end of the market. This is the Vitamix S30.

Advantages of a Vitamix

You can make smoothies, raw soups, nut milks, pseudo juices & you can use it as a food processor too. They are very well built & should last for many years.